About Lifeway Songs

LifeWay Songs, a Division of LifeWay Worship Resources in Nashville, TN, is a team of talented, prolific, and professional creatives dedicated to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and to serve His Church - one song at a time. We believe that songs are a vital part of the discipleship process for every Christian.  Therefore, our objective is to cultivate and support a songwriting community committed to the creation of artful songs that praise and glorify God, magnify the name of Jesus, teach Christian theology,and adhere to Scripture. Our songs reflect the cultural diversity of a team of writers who come from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. 

Songs written by our exclusive writers have been recorded by popular Christian artists from virtually every genre in Gospel Music. Many of the songs in our catalog have been featured on the soundtracks of faith-based films. LifeWay Songs also contributes to the worship experiences of local church congregations, conferences, church choirs, and Vacation Bible Schools around the globe each week. 

We invite you to learn more about our exclusive songwriters and browse through some of their amazing songs. We believe you'll soon discover that LifeWay Songs is an uncommon community of talented people committed to using their gifts to honor Jesus Christ and build up the body of believers around the world. 

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